Rock N Roll
Stand Apart

With a naturally silky finish and delicious crisp taste, our ultra-premium silver and anejo tequilas are smoother and less pricey than the other brands.  Unlike any other flavored tequila, Rock N Roll Tequilas are produced with 100% blue agave, grown and hand harvested in the Los Altos highlands of Mexico.  All of our tequilas, Silver, Anejo, Mango and Coffee are perfect for shots, sipping neat, on the rocks or for mixing in cocktails, and come showcased in a distinctive, highly crafted 750mL guitar shaped decanter bottle, each topped with a 50mL sample bottle filled with a different Rock N Roll Tequila flavor.  Taste our Rock N Roll Tequila, and you’ll know why we say “One More Time, Twice!”.

Rock N Roll Tequilas Made From 100% Pure Blue Agave

RockNRollTequila_Logo_Orange_LowResRock N Roll Tequila
5737 Kanan Rd. Suite 139
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Phone: 1.800.521.8741

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Great taste, awesome bottle!
Adam Laponis, facebook
We want more!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Allsup, facebook
Bought my first bottle this week…love it and loved the sample mango tequila out of top shotin bottle …….. yaaaaaaaay!
MJ Henderson, facebook
Red Saga, facebook